Q - Do you accept vision insurances?

A - We accept the most common vision insurances; Vision Service Plan (VSP), EyeMed Vision Care, Medical Eye Services (MESVision), and Humana Compbenefits. Don’t see your insurance or don’t know which one you have? Call us, we’d be happy to figure it out for you!

Q - Do you accept Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)/Health Saving Accounts (HSA) accounts?

A - Absolutely! Prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses are all medical devices and are considered necessities. Therefore, you may use your FSA/HSA cards to pay for them. We can help you get the most out of your benefits by maximizing your insurance billing and using FSA/HSA accounts to cover the rest.

Q - Do I have to get an eye exam every year to order contact lenses?

A - Yes. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for one (1) year whereas, eyeglass prescriptions are good for two (2) years in the state of California. Contact lenses sit directly on your eyes and are considered medical devices. Therefore, our doctors are required to continually examine your eyes and make sure the contacts that you are wearing are not doing your eyes any harm and that you can continue to wear the contacts for years to come.

Q - How long do glasses take to make?

A - Many different factors determine how long it takes to make your glasses: your prescription, the frame size and style, lens options (i.e. anti-glare coating, transitions, and other custom options), and even your insurance’s lab. For the most part, we can make your glasses within 7-10 business days. In cases of custom frame orders or specialized lens orders, this can take 2-4 weeks. But we do our very best to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Q - Can I use my own frames to put a prescription in?

A - Yes. We inspect all glasses to make sure that they are in good condition. Your glasses need to be able to withstand heating and stretching in order to put new lenses in. Our lab will do their best to take care of each frame but sometimes unforeseen issues arise or there may have been hairline cracks or defects in the glasses that could not be seen by the naked eye. So even though our lab takes the utmost care and is super cautious, the frame may break. For this reason, before we start the process, we will caution you about the possibility of breakage and have you sign a waiver acknowledging this since we cannot be responsible for defects or fragilities in your own frame. If your frames are new, that’s a different story. We will replace the frames at no cost to you.

Q - Do you refer patients for LASIK consultations?

A - Absolutely! We work exclusively with Pacific Vision Institute and would be happy to get you in contact with them to see if you’d be a great candidate!