A Bay Area native, Romina recently joined the optical field with a desire to help people feel their absolute best with the right pair of glasses in order to give them the confidence they deserve! She believes that you only have one life, so why not look fabulous in it! During her free time, Romina […]


A.J. is proud to have been born in San Francisco. He ventured out of the bay area and has jumped from coast to coast only to settle back in the place he calls “home.” Throughout his travels, he has gained over 15 years of experience in the optical world. His favorite part of being with […]

William Chantaduly, O.D.

A Bay Area resident who was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Will’s personality reflects a blend of all three locales. He loves to travel and gets the feeling of excitement in his stomach when seeing something new and different for the first time. He also loves being […]

Diana Pham, O.D.

Dr. Diana loves a good home project. You’d never know it but she is super handy with just about anything DIY. She recently built a backyard porch from scratch, I mean, who does that?! When Dr. Diana isn’t at home being crafty, she enjoys travel excursions. She just got back from an archaeological adventure in […]