Fun in the Sun!

Summer is here! Before heading out to enjoy the Bay Area sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes! Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement; they protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and keep them healthy!


  • As much as 45% of UV rays can still reach the eyes even with 100% UV blocking lenses, depending on your sunglass frame style.
  • 50% of lifetime sun exposure may occur before the age of 18; young children’s eyes do not have fully developed UV protective structures and are especially at risk for UV damage.
  • Even on overcast days over 90% of UV rays can penetrate clouds.
  • UV exposure not only comes from above but can also reflect off surfaces like sand, water and snow.

How UV Light Damages Your Eyes

  • Similar to the skin, UV light can cause very painful sunburns on the eye’s surface. This is especially common for skiers and snowboarders where UV exposure is greater at high altitudes and the snow reflects 80% of the sun’s rays.
  • Excessive UV exposure can lead to the development of cancers that affect the external, internal, and surrounding structures of the eye like the nose and eyelids.
  • UV radiation can damage the lens and retina inside the eye and lead to common sight-threatening conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes

  • Choose frames with some wrap to block harmful rays that may enter from the periphery.
  • Backside anti-reflective and polarization coatings reduce UV ray reflection off the back surface of the lenses as well as improve visual clarity in situations with glare.
    Anti-reflective and transitions coatings on your clear glasses will help block UV exposure during overcast days.
  • Consider wide-brimmed hats to block light from above; apply sunscreen to exposed parts of your face, neck, and body; and seek shade from the sun as often as possible.

Look on the Bright Side!

We at HyperOptics Optometry have a huge selection of independent brands to keep everyone looking fresh and those baby blue eyes healthy. Because when you look good, you feel good too!

We’re always getting new arrivals, especially our latest limited edition from Andre Courreges and RetroSuperFuture. If you don’t find a specific pair of suns you love, remember that any frame can be made into sunglasses or we can order custom-fit clip-ons for your frames. You only have two eyes so treat them well and beat the heat with some cool shades!